Argument Essay: Prevailing College Students

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Starting at a young age parents begin to coddle their children, painting a picture of perfection to better protect the young mind from the harsh extremities of the world leaving children oblivious to what really goes on and how biased things actually are. In a public learning environment children begin to notice how different their peers appearances and beliefs are. While commonly frowned upon, students begin to socially profile others and form into groups or cliques, separating themselves from others who they consider different. In a college environment students become more intellectually and socially advanced. Stronger words, ideas, and subjects are discussed and can often lead to a sense of discomfort or offense, creating an uncomfortable …show more content…
While in a high school level and under mildly coddling was somewhat necessary in the classroom environment. Many schools cracked down on bullying, starting the “zero tolerance” policies, after the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. In a variety of ways, children born after 1980 got a consistent message from adults that life is dangerous, but adults will do everything in their power to protect them, not just from strangers but also from each other. College is meant for adults and students who meet a certain level of academic success, and are normally expected to perform and act in a mannered way. College is meant to prepare students who meet these criteria for their future in a public workplace. By coddling college student’s professors are teaching the students a sense of protection and special treatment when it comes to how they feel and what they believe. While a person’s personal beliefs should be respected it will often be challenged and in a public work place special treatment will not be provided. This may cause controversy in the environment and it may cause a student to suffer in the work place. Coddling prepares them poorly for professional life. A professional life often demands intelligent engagement with people and ideas one might find right or

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