The Effects Of Social Media On Children Essay

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Social media is one of the highest rising trends in today’s time. People can interact with one another from around the world without ever having to come face to face. Seems very useful, does it not? While social media does have its advantages, it also has a surplus of disadvantages. At an early age, children are exposed and given access to technology. Due to a rising number of kidnapping crimes in the US, kids are given cell phones at a very young age, which is understandable. However, parents are not just handing their kids a device to solely keep in contact with them; they are purchasing brand new iPhones with Internet capability. Studies show that 22 percent of children six to nine years old along with 60% of ten to fourteen year olds own a cell phone (Pitisci). Kids not only have a cell phone, but also are able to create social media pages, like Facebook. Children begin to come home straight from school, run to their rooms and not come out until the next day, entirely because of social media. It devours their lives and takes up every second. Without restrictions and limits, kids would be on these sites all of the time, and with such easy access, these restrictions are nearly impossible to set. This social dependence that children place on social media is harmful in many ways. Social media can make kids socially awkward and unable to tackle real-life situations that everyone must deal with later on in life.
Social media was first introduced in 1999 (Curtis). It was…

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