The Effects Of Social Media On Children Essay

1283 Words Mar 30th, 2015 6 Pages
This is an important issue as mental illnesses are very common nowadays and especially with social media sites glamorizing the illnesses it will never stop, it will only affect more and more people on a daily basis. Mental disorder statistics will continue to increase and cause a mental illness epidemic. It will affect numerous people of ages 18 and under as media has an impact on their overall Hauora as they view the disorder in a distorted way of which they begin to idolize. For example if a teen or adolescent was to see incredibly thin good looking girls online they would idolise it in such a way that their mental disorder otherwise known as an eating disorder could worsen causing it to more harmful than good to that persons life. As teens and adolescents view these problems on social media sites they begin to form groups or so called ‘communities’ where they share their thoughts and feelings and post pictures of themselves which are potentially harming to other users who may or may not have an illness are severe as them. This means that users will no longer have the freedom to have their own thoughts and feelings as the posts of others are brainwashing into thinking what is right and what is wrong. This means that people with mental illnesses of any kind that visit and form of social media sites they will witness how other people perceive the illness then link it back to their thoughts and feelings and begin to believe they have the illness so they self diagnose…

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