Essay The Effects Of Social Media On Body Image

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The Positive Effects Social Media has on Body Image
According to Jim Salter’s article, (2013) the thigh gap is where one can stand with their feet together and her thighs do not touch. This is a dangerous weight-loss goal that young females are trying to obtain. Although specialists have said that achieving this goal is, “risky and virtually impossible.” Some very thin models have this gap which makes it enough to be held as a beauty achievement on many social media sites. Studies show that social media puts peer pressure on young females to achieve this goal. Many young women who were affected by anorexia and other eating disorder diseases, were frequent visitors to thigh-gap websites. These sites show photos of slender models, instructions on how to achieve this gap, and also tips, for example, to chew your food and to spit it out before one could swallow it (‘Thigh Gap’ section). It’s horrible that young girls are being exposed to these types of websites. Many therapists suggest that when one is being affected, to delete her social media page, or to at least take a break from it. However, living in a world where a 10-year-old can now have a Facebook page, it’s kind of impossible for one to stay away from social media and all of its forms. Another suggestion is for social media to prevent these things to be seen. Although that would be improbable, there are many things that young women can do to prevent their selves from falling victim to the thigh-gap and other…

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