The Effects Of Social Media On Body Image Essay

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In this research, the researchers wanted to find out if body image self-discrepancy is really a mediator in the process of social comparison from the exposure to the thin-ideal body by the media, together with the bad effects of such comparison. The participants were exposed with advertisements that consist either with thin-ideal women or without thin women. The researchers found out that the exposure to thin-ideal advertisement induced women’s body dissatisfaction, dropped their self-esteem, produced negative moods, increased their depression level, prone to involve in social comparison and were at greater risk for negative consequences from the disclosure to the thin-ideal images by social media. This research relates to my position that social media leaves negative effects that caused women to feel dissatisfied about their own body as it discussed about the negative effects of social media exposure to women’s body image. Besides, this research paper also relates to my source that was written by Perloff that also discussed about how individual differences variable leads to different outcome when they are exposed to the body-image related messages in the social media.

Halliwell, Emma, and Helga Dittmar. "Does Size Matter? The Impact of Model 's Body Size on Women 's Body-Focused Anxiety and Advertising Effectiveness." Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 23.1 (2004): 104-22. Print.
The researchers wanted to find out the effects and influences of different types of…

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