The Effects Of Social Interaction On The Interaction Of Human Beings

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For many years, relationship has been a major factor with the interaction of human beings. There are various ways a person can have a relationship with another individual. For instance, a person can have a professional, intimate or even a friendly relationship with one another. It was always evident that there were different among individuals however, the question that many had wondered was the vital role that these relationships had played with individuals. American psychologist Harry Harlow, was a researcher best known for his experiments that was based on social isolation, dependency needs and other research based on social interaction. In order to accurately explain the reason why human beings seek these types of relationships, Harlow decided to conduct a social interaction experiment with monkeys. The sole intention of this experiment was to gain a better understanding as to why individuals seek companionship and other forms of social interaction.
In order to gain some knowledge as to the type of experiment that Harlow conducted, I was afforded the opportunity to watch a video on how monkeys socialize among one another. After reviewing the video, it was apparent to me that these monkeys were in the process of searching for food. When a monkey found a particular piece of food, the monkey then carry that respective item to where the other monkeys were located. Once the monkey has gain the attention from the rest of the group, he then removed himself from the group in…

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