Essay on The Effects Of Sleep On The Sleep

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The phrase “sleep is for the weak” is commonly heard but is anything but true. In fact, sleep keeps us from being weak in all aspects of our lives. Although sleep is an “important influence on well-being”, adolescents often fall short of how many hours of sleep their bodies need to maintain optimal health (Santrock, 2016, p. 259). Adolescence is the developmental period beginning at ages 10 to 12 and ending at approximately 18 to 22 years old when many changes are occurring (Santrock, 2016, p. 249). Adolescents are faced with puberty, changing friendships, pressure from peers, homework and transitions between schools, leaving home for the first time, and many other challenges that can cause them to be stressed and to lead busy lives. With so much commotion, it is difficult for teenagers to find time enough to sleep. Not only do academics and social pressures make going to bed early challenging, but the circadian cycles that regulate sleep shift in adolescence resulting in the sleep hormone, melatonin, being released later in the night. The combination of shifting biological cycles and early school start times make it nearly impossible for adolescents to get an adequate night’s sleep, resulting in poor performance in school and negative health consequences (King, 2010).
During the age of adolescence, physical changes of growth and development take place such as puberty and growth of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for decision-making and higher…

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