Essay on The Effects Of Sleep On Memory And Memory

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This literature review will identify and address ongoing themes seen throughout several articles regarding sleep and memory, specifically the effects that sleep has on memory. Throughout every article the research shows that sleep is found to improve memory. However, the question is what kind of memory is supported by sleep and what type of sleep is best for improving memory. In the articles, research studies show the effects and ask what type of sleep is best for memory, and what memory is most positively influenced. The conclusion is that as sleep progresses into slow wave sleep, the outcome on memory is sufficient and necessary, specifically its most influential effects, on episodic memory.
There are many different types of memory which range in their specific emphasis, these types include episodic, semantic, procedural and declarative. The type of memory that relates to facts, knowledge and rules is called semantic. Episodic memory is referred to is one 's memory which is personal, from their experiences. Episodic memory depends on the role of the hippocampus to retain it. Declarative memory, which is considered explicit, is the memory which is definitive, factual knowledge, which turns into long-term memory. Procedural memory, implicit memory, is memory that pertains the information on the procedure of things. This type of memory helps us to perform actions and tasks, for example learning to read or driving a car.
As well as having different types of memory, there…

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