The Effects Of Sex And Race On Our Country Essay

1486 Words Dec 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Diana Torres
Professor Thompson
14 November 2016

The Affect Sex and Race Have on Our Country Historically, predominantly many white males have run the United States. Out of the forty-four presidents in our history, only Barack Obama has not fallen into the category of being a white male. Why is it that in our history there is an underrepresentation in diverse ethnicities and different sexes? In today’s society, race and sex are presented and perceived in a way that affects electability. Race and sex are used as tools to help voters decide which candidate to vote for. During an election a candidate’s minority status is taken into account. There has been a lack of diverse ethnicities and sexes in our society because of people’s perception. The media, often times, attacks minorities and categorizes them into stereotypes, which affects people’s voting habits. Women and minorities have historically been given less opportunities in politics, influencing our political choices to vote in their favor or not. Victoria Woodhull was the first woman, in United States history, to run for presidency. She ran for Presidency in 1872; since then, few women have run for presidency but have not succeeded in getting elected. Women are said to not be supported in today’s politics, and they are highly underrepresented. This is not simply argued but is factual because women have never served in a high political position like presidency in the United States. Women have been able to…

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