The Effects Of Renewable Energy On The World 's Increasing Demand Of Energy

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As a result of rapid industrialization and urbanization, there has been substantial increase in energy demand. The fossil fuel consumption has also been increased to great extent. But it’s over consumption is leading to various environmental issues like increased level of Carbon dioxide and various harmful gases in the environment and rise of Global Warming. So various approaches are being made to meet the world 's increasing demand of the recent years, there has been great development in the field of power generation from the alternative sources of energy. Renewable energy projects are becoming more popular. There are many renewable sources available for generating energy for-instance: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Power, Marine/Ocean Energy, Geothermal Energy, Nuclear Energy, Bio-Fuel, and Tidal Power.

But power generation using solar energy is gaining more importance as it is ecofriendly, needs low maintenance and has negligible noise and wear due to absence of mechanical parts.

So photovoltaic systems are such project which converts the sun 's radiation into usable electricity and this report emphasizes on power can be transmitted from solar source to the required load by means of a DC-AC Converter and various operating principles of the converter used for photovoltaic systems are also discussed.


It is basically a two stage topology which acts as an interface between the photovoltaic system and the power supply…

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