The Effects Of Raging Peatland Fires Bond To Save Indonesia's Forests

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Jaden Thuman
24 April 2016
Raging peatland fires bond to destroy Indonesia’s environment
“According to a 2007 study by the World Bank, Indonesia is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases after America and China, mostly because of the destruction of forests and peatlands”(“Logging the good news; Indonesia’s forests”).This happens when land clearing plantations and farmers in Indonesia decide to clear land by creating forests fires that wipe out trees. This creates problems like high carbon emissions being released, toxic regional haze, deforestation, and the endangering of wildlife. While at first it might appear that an easy solution to the deadly carbon emissions poisoning Indonesia 's air, is stopping
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One way the government is doing this is by assigning military personnel to guard their forests and peatlands.
The Qatar Tribune’s article “How To Save Indonesia 's Forests” speaks on what Indonesia is trying to do about the problem: “ Widodo (president of Indonesia) has deployed 25,000 personnel to control the fires and instructed the government to prosecute those who set them.
But he understands that this is not enough.” The Economist’s article, “Logging the Good News;
Indonesia’s Forests” complicates matters further by bringing to light Indonesia 's failed attempts to stop illegal land clearing. Illegal land clearing has continued in much part due to a corrupt forestry ministry. The President’s task force has done little to stop the forestry ministries current practices. The Economist states, “the forestry ministry is widely seen as corrupt, even by
Indonesian standards, and officials have been caught selling permits to exploit forested areas.”
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If President Widodo and his Government can crack down on illegal land clearing they can
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In the end Indonesia 's carbon problem, if not fixed, will lead to rapid deforestation, rapid global warming, and many deaths due to fires and haze. In addition, land clearing posses world threats such as global warming, widespread respiratory illnesses, and animal endangerment to name a few. Indonesia’s deforestation must be dealt with. The government must regulate who owns forest land and what they do with it. Private companies or individuals should not be able to own peatlands, thus preventing deforestation for farming expansion. Further, large corporations must be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused. These corporations need to monitor how their products are made and what effects it has on the people, environment, and world. Lastly, the Forestry Ministry must be regulated and the government must stop illegal deforestation. If the Forestry Ministry is allowed to continue their unethical practices there is no hope for deforestation to stop. “As Obama told Rolling Stone last month, he hopes his daughters can one day enjoy ‘some of the same experiences’ he had in Indonesia

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