The Effects Of Ptsd On Children With Ptsd Essay

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forget what they have been through so easily. When they recall everything, the fight or flight response gets automatically activated causing fear and makes the person feel like they are back to the place of trauma ( Barbour, 11). It is also important to acknowledge that genetics might play a role because people with PTSD may have an altered genetic makeup that makes it more difficult to forget painful events as well as how the structure of the brain changes to defend the person mentally and physically.
In addition, as technology has progressed since the 1990s, researchers are able to study the brain little more and environmental factors are also studied to see how certain things make people more susceptible to PTSD. Things like child abuse or violence can also leave a person more vulnerable to traumas later on in life and prone to develop this disorder. It is important to note,
Formerly, PTSD was generally considered a condition of male soldiers. However, the feminist movement helped establish that PTSD could also come from other forms of violence—such as domestic abuse or child abuse and rape—that women and children are more prone to experience ( Barbour, 26).
It crucial to offer help not just to veterans but also women and children who are at higher risks of developing this disorder and it would be important to raise awareness that anyone can develop a mental illness. The longer someone experiences some kind of trauma and the more serious it gets the more likely a person…

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