The Effects Of Pregnancy On Young Adult 's Shoulders And Turn A Blind Eye

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Almost everyone has a personal problem, or knows someone with such a problem that can be connected to society as a whole and therefore categorized as a social problem. For example, my sister Leah is perpetually dealing with the consequences and problems that come with teenage pregnancy. Leah had her child at the age of seventeen, in the prime of her teenage years. Although on the surface her situation is looked as a personal trouble by the population, it is actually one small example of a large social complex that happens to a multitude of people in our society today.
A large percentage of people place the entire responsibility of the problem solely on the young adult’s shoulders and turn a blind eye to the other, social, contributing factors that influence and promote such behavior. Poor education is one example. Teens not receiving the proper sex education are not informed properly, and subsequently not prepared, about pregnancy. In addition, it reflects poor guidance by the parental figures in the teen’s life, essentially a lack of communication. Connecting pregnancy to the leading figures in a young woman’s life stress how early pregnancy is not just an emotional, or personal problem, but more a social issue.
In addition to the poor guidance that a teen may receive, another contributing social factor is the media. It is apparent that people listen to other’s that are close to their own age group, and it is the same for teens. The media’s portrayal of sexual behavior and…

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