The Effects Of Pop Culture On Teens Essays

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The perfect setting to view a movie would be a cool theater, dimmed lighting, and a delicious snack or beverage. Ideally, the theater would be quiet and sitting in the center of the theater would formulate for an optimal viewing experience. As a prelude to the screening many thoughtful reminders, play deeming the sayings, “Silence is golden” and “Please shut off all phones.” All these concepts come together that devise each movie as an enjoyable experience. However, there are times when certain groups of people such as: teens, families, the overly enthusiastic, and people obsessed with their phones that can turn an enjoyable experience into a frustrating experience.
Not all teens are disruptive in a theater however, more often than not teens are the main source of deliberate disturbances in a theater. Pop culture has such an effect on teens promoting misbehavior and lack of respect towards others for years in shows including “The Simpsons”, “Southpark,” and modern shows aimed towards younger children such as “The Amazing World of Gumball.” Often times, other audience members will feel the need to report a group of teen’s egregious behaviors just to have them removed. A tamer group of teens may just be overly talkative, on the other hand a harsh group can become boisterous and discourteous when they want to achieve a higher social status amongst their peers. Considering that there are no serious repercussions for being a public nuisance in theaters, teens often seize the…

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