The Effects Of Pollution On The Natural Environment Essay

1309 Words Jul 20th, 2015 null Page
Pollution, is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. There are many ways that pollution is contaminating the world including, Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, and Water Pollution. Within those three, there are many issues that are arising that need to have immediate action taking place. Water pollution is killing many animals, which is leading to endangered species. Soil contamination is damaging crops, which is causing soil erosion. Lastly, air pollution is causing air quality to be at an all-time low, it is also causing biological effects of UV exposure, and Volatile Organic Compound. When researching this topic I found many issues that are at hand, issues that are causing major crisis and are having a huge environmental impact. What inspired me about this topic, is how all this can change for the better, if we all work together and be mindful of our actions. Think twice before you could potentially do something that could kill animals, damage crops, or pollute the air.

Breathing for people can be difficult on a day to day basic because of air pollution. This pollution contaminates the air indoors and outdoors. It’s caused from smoke, dust, and gases. With these three ingredients entering the atmosphere, it makes life difficult for humans, plants, and animals because of the unhygienic air. The scary thing about the pollution is it can be visible or invisible. There are two types of pollutants and when air pollution occurs,…

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