Environmental Polution: Cause And Effects Of Environmental Pollution

Effects of Environmental Pollution
Pollution is a disastrous process of contaminating the environment that it becomes hazardous for us to live in. Environmental pollution refers to the pollution occurring in the soil, water, and air. Environmental pollution has existed since the beginning of industrialization. There are many causes of environmental pollution. A major cause of environmental pollution is the pollution from cars. Cars pollute the air by emitting by-products of fuel combustion. Another cause of environmental pollution is the release of harmful toxins from coal power plants. In countries where coal is mined and burned to produce energy a lot of smog and other environmental polluting gasses are released. Water pollution is another
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Farming is one of the major areas affected by environmental pollution. Farming products are affected when the soil becomes polluted. Excessive use of pesticides can contaminate the soil such that it is unable to support plant life. Contaminated water when used for watering plants can cause crop death or crops can grow containing contaminants that when consumed have health effects. The fact that there is no doubt a chance that toxicants have entered our bodies is dangerous to our health. For example, the growing of peanuts in rotation with sisal has been found to be affected by the chemicals used to sprays sisal during the sisal growing season (Mellanby n.pg.). The peanuts when tested were found to contain remnants of chemicals that were used to spray sisal. The chemicals had high rates of peanut allergies. Even though the effects of the farming products may not be visible, the use of farming products grown on contaminated soils is responsible in the crop related diseases. A study shows that environmental pollution kills 60% more people than malaria ,HIV and AIDS combined. If the environment keeps on being polluted, one day it will be totally destroyed and no living thing could survive on this …show more content…
The release of carbon dioxide and other gasses such as sulfur dioxide damages the ozone layer (Jacobson 99). The ozone layer is a layer of the upper atmosphere that is responsible for shielding harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive solar radiation from reaching the earth’s surface this is known as Global warming. Ultraviolet radiations which is caused by global warming are a major cause of skin cancers. Global warming causes the melting of ice in the Arctic Circle which increases the waters in the oceans. The rise of water levels in the sea and oceans causes destructive floods such as those recently observed in Haiti. Such floods can be accompanied by outbreak of waterborne diseases. A good example is the outbreak of cholera that occurred when destructive floods hit Haiti. The weather is changing faster and it's becoming more and more dangerous than ever. This is all due to pollution. Human are responsible for most disasters that are happening now and that will happen in the

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