The Effects Of Pollution On The Health Of Humans Essay

2553 Words Nov 29th, 2016 11 Pages
Pollution, it’s been around for centuries. Pollution is defined as contamination of the environment as a result of human activities. Pollution is negatively affecting not only nature and wildlife, but it is also harmful to the health of humans. With that being said, what can we do as humans to not only correct our mistakes, but change the way we treat the world around us in order to preserve humanity and the ecosystem for centuries to come? The United States government has done a few things to improve the negative footprint pollution is leaving for our country, but overall, as Americans, we end up resorting back to our nasty habits, therefore, the problems remain. The question is, what is currently being done and what needs to be done in order to create some form of long term solution? There are numerous types of pollution that affect almost every aspect of our ecosystem, including; air, water, soil, natural resources, vegetation, wildlife, and of course, mankind. This type of problem has one huge disadvantage, the fact that recent generations are extremely un- educated on the subject and just an overall lack of awareness. That doesn’t mean they’ve never heard the term pollution before, it just means they may feel that it’s inevitable because they have never been taught otherwise. It is easier to ignore than to act and educate yourself on a subject like pollution. Another thing that most first world countries face is that pollution cannot always be seen and it is hard to…

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