The Effects Of Playing Basketball On A Person 's Life Forever

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A few simple words can change a person’s life forever. “You can’t play basketball for six months.” These were the words that changed mine. As far back as my memory reaches, I’ve played the game of basketball. A game introduced to me by my dad, and played throughout my family for ages. Playing basketball was truly something I was passionate about. Nothing could have prepared me for the pain I endured both physically and mentally. The summer basketball season was rolling to an end, but one more tournament was approaching, nationals. My team had shed blood, sweat, and tears for three and a half months just to earn a spot at this tournament. Words cannot explain the excitement we all held in our bodies. All the thoughts that consumed our minds was taking one last chance out on the court and giving it our all before the season ended. The first game brought excitement, adrenaline, and nervousness all at once. We all laced up our shoes and completed our pre game rituals. I couldn’t help but think of all the moments that led up to this one. From the first time I held a basketball, to competing in the state championship game and everything in between. The clock buzzed and we all huddled up by our bench. We quickly refreshed ourselves on the strategies for the game and walked onto the court. The ref tossed the ball straight into the air and I left my feet and tipped it towards my teammate. What I didn’t know would be my final game of the season had just begun. Fast forward a…

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