Essay on The Effects Of Peer Pressure On Teenagers

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Most teenagers weekend consists of going out to a family party or hanging out with friends and forming new memories and great experiences, but not all teenager weekends consist of harm befalling upon them. In my case, like most teenagers, I never imagined that I would be a victim of violence until the night I went out with a few friends to what should have been a night of regrets, mistakes, and learning experiences, but instead it ended up being a night of pain, sadness, and anger. On the night of December 22, 2002 I learned to trust my instinct instead of giving in to peer pressure, I also learned to be more vigilant towards my surroundings and lastly I discovered I could manage situations under heavy distress. Peer pressure can sometimes be a big issue among teenagers, especially among teenage boys. For instance, if one teenage boy fails to do what a fellow peer dares him to do he will be ridiculed for days after the incident occurs. Such an incident can have negative effects to a point where his peers don 't want to associate with him simply because he fail to be like most boys of his age and social group. In my case, when my friend suggested we go to a party instead of the movies I did not want to be labeled as a party popper, because I knew if I had said no then I would not be invited to any future social gatherings outside of school. After not much of a debate, Gena, Marlena, Frankie, and I decided to leave the theatre and head towards a party, but my instinct…

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