The Effects Of Parental Divorce On Children Essay

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Fifty percent of marriages in the Unites States end in divorce. Researchers continue to study how it negatively effects the children involved. Some assume that children do not endure symptoms, or will not as long as the parents split early enough in their lives. However, many consequences may occur, ranging with age, and parental dissolution can elicit long-lasting ramifications to a child’s well-being. Even children under a year old show symptoms in response to parental divorce. The most common symptoms discovered by medical professionals include irritability, increase in crying and need for physical contact, as well as acute separation anxiety. However, the effects of parental divorce do not isolate to only children under one year of age. Not only do effects escalate in number as ages increase, but they also escalate in severity. Children ages one to three years of age at the time of their parents’ divorce may search for or call the missing parent, two prime examples of clinging behaviors. These children also show separation anxiety, with an increased need for proximity to the custodial parent. ¬According to Jolene Oppawsky, writer of The Nurse Sees It First: The Effects of Parental Divorce on Children and Adolescents, children of one to three years of age may also endure “psychosomatic reactions,” such as night terrors or tics. More disturbing, children experiencing a parental divorce between the ages of three to six years may imitate behaviors performed by their…

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