The Effects Of Oil Drilling On The Environment Essay

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Today the United States, is edging closer to energy independence as we push towards relying on our own resources here in America. Although, we are still years from it the U.S. has cut foreign oil imports in the past decade by nearly 60 percent. Despite the harmful effects drilling for oil has on the environment, and wildlife there are still many reason the U.S continues to import. Considering oil has been the back bone to the world’s economy for decades, we need to take control by putting regulations on all oil drilling globally. Altogether the world needs recognize the detrimental effects drilling for oil has on are ecosystem, wildlife, and depleting oil reserves.
Oil has become so predominate to many nations economy’s that we continue to look past the damages that have already been done to our ecosystem. The most compelling evidence we have that is a cause of oil drilling is air pollution. Which is currently one of the leading contributors to global warming effects we are experiencing today. One of natural gases key components is methane, which is nearly eighty-four times more detrimental to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide alone. We live in a nation today where more than twenty-one percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in America is linked back to oil. Despite the amount of revenue countries make from oil drilling alone, the cause an effect that’s brought to our ecosystem is much of an expenditure to us as a global economy.
Petroleum has single handily been the…

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