Essay about The Effects Of Obesity On The Body

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Obesity can be defined as the accumulation of excessive amounts of adipose tissue in the body, and is the most common nutritional disorder in companion animals (3). Most say that obesity has come to be one of the most common problems in domestic animals. Due to the lack of exercise in the house and overfeeding, pet cats are very susceptible to become overweight. Obesity is not only bad for ones overall health, but can lead to many illnesses, causing bigger problems that could be very detrimental to the lifespan of your pet.

When feeding a pet cat, there are many different approaches to take, but it is best to know their basic needs first. It is important to be sure to always provide free choice high quality water for your pets. Domestic, or common household cats should be fed to achieve maintenance, as well as keeping the proper body condition score (BCS). On a scale from one to five, the optimal BCS is a 3. This means the body is well proportioned, has a visible waist behind the ribs, palatable ribs with slight fat covering, and minimal abdominal fat tucking up when viewed from the side. If the ribs and spine are easily visible or if there is a clear amount of excess fat deposits, this could be a sign that your cat may not be getting the proper nutrition it needs. In order to achieve the proper body condition and maintain it over time, proper feeding schedules, balanced rations, and daily exercise are all needed.

Cat’s energy targets are not as well studied and understood…

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