The Effects Of Obesity On Children And Children Essay

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For the past two decades or so, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of obese children, adolescents, and adults. Nearly, 32% of American children in between the age of two and nineteen are considered obese (Witters 1). In its most basic terms, obesity is defined as weight range exceeding what is considered healthy for an individual of given height. Obesity is subject to factors such as genetics, social lifestyles, consumption of less healthy foods, and the lack of breastfeeding support from parents at an early age. Though obesity is prevalent in people of different ages, this paper will be mainly focusing on children. Consequently, this article will discuss the cause and effects of obesity in children.
Effects of children obesity
To begin with, it is important to identify that in addition to the physical effects of child obesity, the children are also exposed to psychological, as well as psychosocial factors. The most immediate effect on the children, according to most authors, are stigmatization, bullying, and teasing. However, this could be internalized to feelings of low self-esteem, depressive symptoms or even suicidal thoughts. These thoughts, according to DeNoon could persist into adulthood and adversely affecting the quality of lives of these individuals (2). In most cases, these are the individuals that turn out to be badly betrothed in substance abuse. Clearly, this fact shows that obese children are most likely to be affected psychologically by the…

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