The Effects Of News Media On Society Essay

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Effects of News Media
Adam Maillho
October 05, 2015
Professor Allyson Wells

Effects of News Media
In today 's society, information and news media can come in three sources: print, television, and online. As it has progressed over the years, the American culture has become so fast pace that they expect, or rather demand, their news to be immediately available to them. But this "on demand" culture does come with some risks. The American culture is so dependent on information and news media, that the ramifications can be severe. A major concern is when information media and news media intertwine, such as when our society takes information which may be for entertainment value and confuse it for legitimate news. Information media should take some form of responsibility when reporting their material. On the other hand, new media should not try to influence the reader, such as with political campaigns, but rather stick with reporting facts. When you combine the two with electronic media, it is important both the authors and the readers appreciate and respect the basis of responsible journalism.
Information media should often be taken for face value and is often bias towards the opinion of the author. This plays a major factor in American culture because information media is typically the first point of information for society. Because of social media, there are tens of thousands of media outlets, if not more. TMZ, a company initially known for dishing…

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