The Effects Of Music On The Classroom Essay

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As I walked my students into the auditorium we could hear music playing and some students who were already seated were singing along. As the current song came to an end and a few cords of the next song began, the teachers listened in amazement as the 500 students in the audience burst into song. The sweet sound of children’s voices singing, Let it Go (Lopez), warmed the cold room. This performance was not planned or practiced; it started by just a few simple musical notes. The reaction of the students was almost automatic; they were not coerced or prodded to perform. For that brief moment school was a place where every student belonged and was eager to perform. Could this same musical magic be used in the classroom?
This experience inspired me to research ways that I could use music in my classroom more effectively. After scouring a vast amount of research, I found three intriguing themes that could help me in my quest to becoming a more effective teacher, the connection between music and literacy, the Mozart effect, and the benefits of the arts into the classroom. The following is a summary of literary ideas and resources concerned with using music in the classroom.

Literature Review I can’t imagine a movie without music. Music was attached to movies before the spoken word. According to Pisano (2014), “…what makes a good movie great is often at least partially due to the soundtrack”. Could a good classroom become great if the right playlist was used?

Singing a…

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