The Effects Of Music On Our Society Essay

1220 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Music is powerful in many aspects. It helps people to learn new things in this multicultural society. Also, music teaches about justice and injustice of the society, social problems as an individualist and collectivist perception, and it inspires people to broaden their creativity. In fact, music stimulated an individual cognitive development. I believed that music has the potential to influence and heal a person 's well being by enhancing the person’s mood.
There are many reasons for me to choose these two songs. One, I had personally experienced with domestic violence which lead me to this person I become. Second, I had helped many people with the same situation that I had when I was a kid. Third, I strongly believe that domestic violence should not be happening to anyone. People listen to music to shift their mood from negative to positive or vice versa. Music has many different contents of feelings and emotion, such as special occasions. For example, it has a lot of important role, especially in weddings, parties, funerals, massages, and relaxation. Music affects people in ways that are personally and psychologically. According to researcher, music shapes our emotional states. Also, cognition and neuroscience research supports that emotions and pleasure are the key motivation for listening to music (Thompson & Quinto, 2015, p. 21).
Nickelback, “Never Again”, and Anthony J. Shears, “Tears in your eyes”, are relevant to social problems in the US today. The lyric within the…

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