The Effects Of Music On Our Lives Essay

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Introduction Music is a part of our everyday life. It is an alternative to completing most of our activities in a productive way. Most of us will listen to music while we drive, read, study, exercise or complete housework. But adolescents and children devote more time to listening to music than adults. It has become an important part of determining a teenager’s identity as well as their social life and individual beliefs. On average, an adolescent will listen to approximately 40 hours of music a week. “Music’s importance to youth can also be measured by the amount of time they spend listening to it” (Roberts 2). But shortly after the introduction of Rock music, song lyrics have dramatically changed. “It is difficult to deny that music has become more aggressive and edgy over the decades” (Roberts 7). In other words, music lyrics have become increasingly explicit and violent. Nowadays music lyrics will reference to sex, drugs and violence. Scientists believe that the aggressiveness in music will impact the healthy and positive lifestyle of teenagers. “Numerous studies have shown that aggressive words can prime aggressive thoughts, perceptions and behavior” (Anderson 1). Teenagers who listen to violent music are more likely to exhibit aggressive and risk-taking behavior. Music’s Purpose for the Youth
Music is a way for adolescents to express their inner thoughts and identity. “Listening to popular music is considered by society to be a part of growing up” (“Impact of Music,…

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