Essay about The Effects Of Music On Our Lives

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Point 1: (Snowden and Teie pp 133-135)
“Music, as we know it, is a human construct made by and for humans based on our species’ developmental experience, vocalizations, perceptions, and cognition, but that music might have had its evolutionary origins in emotional communication in other species.” Music, for the most part, is a man-made concept. The music that humans make are created with humans as the specified audience— Our music only really appeals to other human beings, as it can elicit certain emotions and responses unique to human life. Thus, “[a] major issue of testing animals with music composed for humans is that tempos and pitch ranges of human music may not be relevant for another species. There may also be species typical ways of expressing different emotional states.” It is foolish to expect that animals and other species would react to human music in the same way that humans do. Rather than repeating the same mistakes as past researchers, Snowden and Teie took a different approach and “designed species-specific music to test the validity of the theory of the emotional origins of music” and “predicted that by modifying musical characteristics to conform to the development, vocalizations, and perceptions of another species, we could create music that would elicit appropriate affective responses from members of the other species" Thus to measure emotional response in other species, such as the cotton-top tamarin monkey.

Point 2: (Snowden and Teie pp 136-137,…

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