The Effects Of Media On Violence Within Society Essay

1892 Words Jun 17th, 2016 8 Pages
When analyzing the information collated from both primary and secondary research findings, the results clearly indicate that a direct relationship does in fact exist between the widespread presence of violence in the media and its concomitant negative influence on violence within society. This is a serious social issue that needs to be considered, as the aspect of violence is highly prevalent in the media according to primary research studies (see Fig. A). Some of the reasons why society finds violence so appealing include the emotional appeal that it provides (that is, through emotional catharsis and/or feelings of adrenaline); the instinctual and evolutionary connection to the interest in violence; and the sense of satisfaction one experiences from watching “justified” violence (McCormick, 2014). According to primary research findings, most participants enjoy watching violence due to the unique feelings (such as excitement) engendered during the experience that help relieve stress. In terms of forms of media, secondary research findings primarily focus on examining the influence of movies/television and videogames as opposed to other forms of media such as books/magazines; however, primary research findings clearly indicate that movies/television and videogames are much more influential than books (this is primarily because most individuals do not read as many books/magazines nowadays and use other forms of media more frequently such as the Internet). Also, according to…

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