The Effects Of Media On The Media Essay

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At the time, it wasn’t common for political scientists to presume the minimal effects model to be valid, that campaigns and media only minimally influence the outcome of elections. The minimal effects model gave more credit to readers of media messages suggesting the media can only reinforce existing beliefs and any transference of information from the media goes to opinion leaders who assess the messages and then influence other people. After the minimal effects model was introduced, a decline of party loyalty called the minimal effects model into question in favor of the belief that the media does affect judgments, attitudes, preferences, beliefs and actions. Direct verse socially cued media effects theories were debated for decades thereafter. Over time, developing research showed increases in electoral effects from campaigns and the volatility in the electorates candidate preferences, particularly during campaigns. Detachment of individuals on a societal scale and the increase in autonomy over the content of messages and media sources has led Bennett and Iyengar to question if the minimal effects model is rising again.
To be sure, there are a number of problems with the minimal effects model. Much of the research with the media on elections have been indirectly related to voter behavior. Moreover, it is not clear if the theory may apply only to political communication or to all media content world-wide. Perhaps the minimal effects model can be applied in some…

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