The Effects Of Media On Body Image Essay

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The use of media is growing and is involved in almost every aspect of life. No individual can escape using social media whether it be in their personal life or work life. For this research my topic is media use and body image. Individuals spend hours using or watching media. I personally spend almost 3-4 hours on social media or watching media. With its growing influence media has the opportunity to influence individuals of all age groups. Whether it be with their political choices, or their aspirations in life. With its growing impact it is necessary to examine, does media affect body image? After reviewing articles, I can come to the conclusion that media affects body image more negatively than positively.
The research from my previous study revealed that most individuals who use social media at a high rate have negative views about thief bodies, therefore, my new research question is for this preliminary analysis how does the amount of social media affect an individual’s confidence level and how they feel about their body? To obtain this information I will conduct in-depth interviews with both random people and peers that are close to me. My preconceptions for this research is similar to my preconceptions from the previous research. I believe that certain individuals I interview will not be hasty to discuss information about them, especially about topic as sensitive as this. Strangers may be more inclined to share more information with me because most likely they will not…

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