The Effects Of Mass Communications On The Media Essay

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Mass Communications has changed tremendously in recent years. Cell phones advanced from a simple cell phone to a mobile device that does more than just talk on the phone. Some popular media companies have more than one media outlet. Small newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations are being gobbled up and merged with a more popular media company. In some homes, you can’t find a newspaper, many people read the news online. The same content that people listen to on the TV and radio is available to read online and in the newspaper. This new phase of communication production and distribution is known as convergence. Convergence means the merger of people (writers, editors, producers, advertisers, etc), content (print, audio, video, still pictures, ads, etc), Technology (Internet, mobile phones, PDAs, etc), and Disciplines/industries (Journalism, Graphic Design, Telecommunications, Marketing and Advertising, photography, etc.). Device, Corporate, Operational, and Content convergence are the four types of convergence that is happening frequently in Mass Communications today (Franis,n.d.).
Device convergence is one of the most important types of convergence. The use of two or three devices into one mechanism is known as device convergence (Dominick, 2013). Remember when the old Tracfone was a popular cell phone to have? People would make phone calls and send a quick text message on a tracfone. Today, the old tracfone is a dinosaur compared to the…

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