The Effects Of Interpersonal Communication On The Workplace Essay example

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Weeks after starting my new job at Rue21 it seem liked I couldn 't adjust to my new workplace or becoming a new employee. Everything seems out of order as if there was no control or communication throughout the store going on. During the time of learning how things operate in the store was confusing. I would ask Ms. Nicki one thing and Mrs. Mashone would say do another! For example, I was on cashier one afternoon and I was ringing out a customer who wanted to pay with a check which I figured wasn 't a problem because Nicki said we accepted checks. Well, that afternoon it was Mashone working instead of Nicki and she saw me accepting a check and said "sorry Kendall we do not accept checks and haven 't for almost a year". This incident led me to believe that there wasn’t any communication going on between the management. Which caused confusion when handling my customer. My topic is interpersonal communication in the workplace and I will also be writing about how it important and why we need it in the workplace. I support this topic because I know from experience why it is so crucial to have interpersonal communication with coworkers and in the workplace. Interpersonal communication in the workplace is important because it improves workers productivity, helps team building, and is the key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Interpersonal communication can improve workers productivity. Many hours are lost due to misunderstanding and lack of communication. People…

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