The Effects Of Internet On Children 's Education Essay

2145 Words May 12th, 2016 9 Pages
Technology today has taken over American 's minds, it has changed the way they think and mostly their lives. The internet is an essential resource in which you are informed of the latest news or stay connected to your love ones. Now children have a great impact in their use that gradually has expanded during the years. It is now common for children to use their devices to use the internet, this includes for school purposes or for personal use. Most agree that the internet plays an important role in children 's education but it can also bring negative outcomes. Teenagers between the ages 11-14 have educational advantages using the internet, but ultimately it can affect the way they socialize. Moreover, children can become anti-social due to lack of interacting with other children. Also, it affects the way in which they study, that their educational advantages can bring problems. Internet has great advantages for its users, society today has adapted to the lifestyle where they want to have easy access to anything at the tip of their finger. For example, if you want to shop for groceries you can shop online saving a trip to the grocery store. Now, technology has upgrade to another level, promising its users that everything can be done by using the internet. Internet has led for children to stay connected on a daily basis using social networks. Social networks are designed to communicate and stay connected with your friend and family worldwide. Also, having your friends…

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