Essay about The Effects Of Industrialization On The World

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The residual effects of industrialization upon the world have been considered and critically studied for centuries. Of course, it had some negative aspects; child labor and pollution were major problems during the Industrial Revolution. Despite this, many positive and constructive consequences arose subsequently and during the movement. While some historians may argue that industrialization had a primarily negative outcome on society, the movement had many positive aspects, including new forms of technology, more jobs, and improved methods of transportation. The Industrial Revolution brought numerous waves of technological advancements and inventions to the world. These new contraptions were seemingly countless, improved many aspects of life, and belonged to an array of separate categories. One of these notable inventions would be Ford’s assembly line. “As displayed in the graphic regarding the manufacturing of cars, the assembly line not only increased productivity rates, but also sped up manufacturing processes” (Document 4). With the assembly line’s attributes and the heightened rate of product completion, factory personnel made up of as little as five members could complete ten units within the span of a shift. This improved manufacturing rates by nearly 500%, thus conjuring a surplus of vehicles. Due to the increased rate of product completion, Ford was able to decrease their vehicle prices and appeal to the entire buying community, in turn sending their sales soaring.…

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