The Effects Of Immigration On America 's Health And Economy Essay

1443 Words Nov 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Could you imagine having to leave everything you’ve ever known behind to start life over again in a foreign land; all because twenty years ago your parents decided to give you a better life in the land of opportunity? Well this is the daily struggle and fear for millions of undocumented immigrants and their children. It is no great secret to the millions who pour into this country, that being born on U.S. soil grants you citizenship and with it opportunity, and a path towards economic security. However, with heightened immigration affecting America 's health and economy, and the threat of a new heavily "anti-immigration campaigning" president, it may soon not be so easy for parents to grant a better future for their children. Thirty-three percent of Mexicans said they would migrate if and when they could to escape the drugs, crime, poverty and political corruption that plague ninety-five percent of Mexico (Pew). All of these issues which fall neatly into several of the social determinants of health categories. Though they can escape some of these challenges, in America the Mexican immigrant population has significantly poor health due to poverty, lack of health care, and even stress related to the increased risk of being take away from their children. We assume that Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have the highest immigration rates due to their position along the border, but cities with the greatest number of immigrants are actually Los Angeles, Chicago,…

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