The Effects Of Immigrants On The Economy Essay

929 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
From terrorism, to global warming, to immigration, hot-button political issues often affect many parts of people’s lives. When looking at the many issues facing the country, there are a rare few that only affect one aspect of life. Instead the problems in the country have diverse and extensive impacts and therefore need all encompassing solutions. One of the issues that garners a great deal of discussion is immigration and its impacts on the economic environment. As a nation of immigrants, the United States continues to welcome new citizens each year as its foreign born population continues to grow. As more immigrants come to America and set up their lives here, they look for jobs and ways to support their families. With more people coming to the country and looking to enter to workforce, some policy makers are worried that this will have adverse effects on the economy. Concerns about the stability of the economy under this influx of immigrants drives the research and findings of this paper. The discussion on the effects of immigrants on the US economy has two distinct sides. On one side there are those who support allowing immigrants to enter the US just as they have for hundreds of years. They believe that America is a destination for the oppressed and depressed and that its doors should stay open. The other side of the argument has anti-immigration sentiments which result from a perceived impact on the economy. Those who support limiting immigration into America are…

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