Essay about The Effects Of Homophobia On Men And Women

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Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more gay characters on television or in movies? Whether gay and lesbian characters are portrayed differently than their straight counterparts? Why stories about gay and lesbians tend to revolve exclusively around their sexuality and sexual orientation? According to the Anti – Defamation League, Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals- that is, lesbians and gay men- sometimes leading to acts of violence and expressions of hostility (2001). Historically, many societies have been intolerant of homosexuals, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Media has played a role in both perpetuating and resisting this state of affairs. Growing up, men and woman are faced with the continual threat of being seen as gay and the continuous challenge of proving that they are not gay. In short, men and woman are kept in line by homophobia. Media representations of GLBT people have contributed to this culture of homophobia and elevated risk of violence. Historically, GLBT people have been made invisible, marginalized, demonized, or portrayed as unrealistic stereotypes by the media. Homophobia locks all people into rigid and gendered ways of being that inhibit creativity and self-expression. It comprises the integrity and humanity of heterosexual people by pressuring them to treat others badly. Homophobia is defined as a negative attitude toward individuals because of their sexual orientation (Herek, 2000).…

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