The Effects Of Homelessness On Children And Children Essay

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Target Population
Burt, Aron, Douglas, Valente, Lee, and Iwen (1999) claim families homelessness consist of 34 percent and 23 percent children according to the National Survey of Homeless Assistance Provider. The target population will consist of African American females will children. When it comes to family and children homelessness, 1.5 million children are reported to experience at least one night of homelessness each year in American (Tobin & Murphy, 2013). These families faces a lot of different issues. Homelessness can be caused by poverty. Families may experience poverty because of no work or a lack of money made on their jobs. According to Tobin et. al. (2013), families living in shelters or streets can be dangerous because of the different types of individuals that may be in shelters such as criminals, substance abusers, injuries, and infections to name a few. In addition, children may experience harmful emotions. In essence, it is possible that parents and children may suffer from acute and chronic problems. Moreover, the children can be effective by different illness, which can come from weather and poor medical care. Children can have issues with malnutrition. Families also have issues with children daycare and school, which could force children to change schools many times during the school year.
The purpose plan to prevent homelessness include the researcher to provide a vision that will serve families by using agencies that can offer…

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