Essay on The Effects Of Hikikomori And Its Effects On Society

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Hikikomori is one of the most talked about issue in recent years in Japan. Hikikomori is the abnormal avoidance of social contact, typically by adolescent males. There is a few reasons that cause Hikikomori. A few of the reasons are depression/ underlying, pressures from society, lack of mental health support, and society that discourages difference and individually. Hikikomori is a big problem in society in Japan that a lot of kids have to deal with on an everyday basis.
One of the biggest challenges kids face everyday is depression and underlying. Kids lock them selves in there room all day because that’s where they feel more safe at. They will stay in there rooms for days, weeks, months, and even in some cases years at a time. Being depressed is keeping kids from experiencing to live life to there fullest extent. There is so much that the world has to offer that kids suffering from Hikikomori can not enjoy and experience. "Social commentators who have claimed attention in the Western media see hikikomori victims as healthy outsiders in a society that makes unhealthy social demands: rebels, who resist social conformity by withdrawing. Satio Tamaki, perhaps the most widely cited psychiatrist on the topic in both Japan and the United States, writes in Hikikomori Bunkaron that the Japanese self is permanently engaged in an early phrase of social development, forever emulating and responding to the expectations of others." (Borovoy) Kids feel pressured by society every…

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