The Effects Of Hate Crimes

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The violence that can erupted over such trivial things like the color of one’s skin or the way in which someone talks is both shameful and destruction. When performed, hate crimes carry the same process and message as terrorist actions; the effects are the same, harm or intimidated those deemed unfit for the community. The sad thing is, hate crimes are enduring, no matter the consequences and no matter the buffers; the reasons, hate crimes do not even have to be acts of violence, it could be a subtle as simply ignoring a request of someone becuase of race or other issues. There is no way to change the minds of people who hold bigotry and racial thoughts in their heart. Becuase of this, hate crimes, at least the subtle ones, will never be vanquished from our …show more content…
Although not wrong, this trend is normally followed, at least in the United States, by a government run program used to help change social orders in America. This era of American history will become the second 60s, especially so as most still feel that some issues first started in the 60s have yet to be solved. With movements like Black Lives Matter and other social reform calling organizations it is a no brainer that students in schools will be exposed to the reality of real life after the school rule bound hallways they currently tread. Yet, the societal trends can cause problems in school when they overstep the simple call for change and into a demand for fairness. Simply put, educators must be a fair and just grader and teacher, but if students begin to feel unfairly treated becuase of race it will cause problems in school. Having a victim complex because of social trends in certain communities will only lead to conflict in school as most students may grow tired of the victim mentality and lash

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