Essay on The Effects Of Free Speech On The United States

1757 Words Nov 27th, 2014 8 Pages
As a American citizen and a late bloomer to the political arena in the United States, I find myself arriving in a disheartening and frightening environment. Where I have suddenly awoken in a distopian world of money, power and greed; where the elite have all the power to speak up. Money has become more out-spoken and heard than actual dialog while the majority of the population remains silenced through underfunded attempts to express their views. Giving money the potency of free speech enables only a select few with a financial mouth to resonate loud enough to be heard. Presidents, Senators, Legislators and House of Representative members are involved in the process of making policies and laws are being manipulated through bribes by lobbyists. It is the responsibility of the United States citizens to remove this insidious power of money in addition to the guise that money equals free speech, which some lobbyist groups exploit in order to influence elections and policies. Removing the label that money equals free speech and regulating lobbyist expenditures will produce a more honest, well-informed decision making process by allowing more voices of the American society to be heard besides the elite, major corporations and foreign interest groups with financial security. Lobbying by itself is a form of consultation and is essential to policy making, by helping to inform the United States Congress of what issues legislation and laws will affect and the possible outcomes if…

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