Citizens United Case Analysis

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Citizens United is a political organization that aims in maintaining and restoring the ideals of the Founding Fathers. That is, they believe in containing a limited government, in which federal, state, and local governments do not rule their territories in an authoritarian way. The goal is to have a democracy in the United States that would continue to value and protect the views, beliefs, and voice of most American citizens. They represent many Americans by representing their voices. In the case of Citizens United, the Supreme Court had established that individual people and groups such as special interest groups, for example, could form committees in which they could gain an unlimited amount of money in order for them to run against a particular candidate, or political party. This is a very important case in terms of political life, because it affects us all in a large sense. The reason that the no-limit cash flow for individual brings up is an issue of rich …show more content…
Thus, in the present we have a Democratic nominee, namely Hillary Clinton, who heavily relies in support of corporate America. On the other hand, we have a Democratic candidate who wants to destroy the power that corporate America has, and to establish some degree of power into the American people. Whether the results of the Citizens United case remain as is, or if it is vetoed in the future heavily depends upon the presidential candidate’s point of view on them. Of course, they cannot single handedly overturn Citizens United. But through a series of appeals to the Supreme Court, and propositions, as well as the support of the American people, we may see a change in the way political funding, political spending, and most importantly political influence could have over corporations, the media, and our

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