The Effects Of Food As A Reward On Children 's Health, Learning And Behavior `` Written By Alicia Fedewa

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Children and Rewards

The Article “How Food as a Reward is Detrimental to Children’s Health, Learning and Behavior” written by Alicia Fedewa discussed the effects of using food as a reward on children. The study did not have any experimental tests, but concluded from numerous studies. The article focused on three things: the connection between obesity and negative consequences for students mental and physical health, poor relationships with food, and alternatives to using food as reward in school.
The impact of food on physical health is the increased risk of obesity. There are negative consequences of obesity on educational achievement. Overweight children scored lower scores in math and reading and have lower grades than children of average weight (Fedewa, 2015). There are also consequences of being overweight on children’s behaviors. Children with BMIs over the 85th percentile are more likely to participate in self-mutilative behaviors. Both boys and girls have shown impulsive academic behaviors, but only boys have difficulty with attention. Girls have greater reports of externalizing and internalizing behaviors than girls of average weight (Fedewa). Boys struggle to obtain attention and girls can bully, be impulsive, become withdrawn and depressed. Another consequence of obesity is the effect on the child’s mental health. According to Fedewa, “Students who are classified as obese (generally measured as 95 percentile or higher BMI) are shown to have significantly…

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