The Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome On The Development Of A Healthy Baby

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As a parent the most important thing that one can ever wish for is to deliver a healthy baby. However, that is not always the case in some situations a mother’s addiction can affect the development of a once healthy fetus causing short to long term effects. Women today believe that having a glass of wine or binge drinking during pregnancy is okay but it is not, it is wrong and inconsiderate to the fetus. When a mother drinks during pregnancy her judgement becomes cloudy and just like a car collides with another car to cause an accident or death, she is causing alcohol to collide with her fetus developmental growth and possible demise. She becomes detached from reality and is no longer worrying about her unborn fetus needs but the needs of herself. Fetal alcohol Syndrome can cause growth, mental and physical abnormalities in a fetus delaying their future capabilities(Brennan,2015).
Signs of fetal alcohol syndrome was discovered in the 1714 during the “Gin epidemic were about 2 million gallons of gin were consumed in England. As a result, there was a correlation between expectant mothers who drink and babies being born with low birth weight and developmental issues was noted(Copper,1991). By the 19th century Dr. E. Lancraeux a French physician who noted significant characteristics of Fetal Alcohol syndrome states:
” As an infant he dies of convulsions or other nervous disorders; if he lives, he becomes idiotic or imbecile, and in adult life bears…

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