The Effects Of Excessive Drug Usage On American Culture Essay

786 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Drug use in American culture has a profound presence. It can be found in TV shows, music, and some drugs even have advertisements. Alcabes’ article Medication Nation even acknowledges advertisements as being a part of the problem of over medication. I believe that excessive drug usage is a now a popular thing and has been caused by the American culture. Watching television shows is a popular thing to do in American culture but some of the shows that we are watching in our down time are depicting the usage of drugs and even glorifying it. For instance, one of the most popular shows on television is the show called Breaking Bad. This television show follows and glorifies the life of the meth cook, Walter White. Walter White is a real person who is now in prison for the meth ring that he ran. United States of Tara is another popular show, except that this show is not about illegal drugs this show is about a young woman names Tara which refuses to take medication for her personality disorder. Meanwhile, many people around her want her to take the medication so she isn’t so “crazy”.
I believe that these type of television shows are a part of the reason that young adults are getting more adventurous in recreational drug use. I also believe that if we took away the glorification of drugs that there would be less of an issue. For example, instead of following and glorifying the life of Walter White in breaking bad they should make a documentary about his life and talk to him in…

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