The Effects Of Excessive Communication Through Technology Affect People 's Social Skills

757 Words Dec 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Today’s day people of all ages communicate through their many electronic devices, whether its their cellphone and texting, emails from their computers or any of the other many means of communication online. You can see the effects of excessive communication through technology affect people’s social skills and cause some anxiety issues with people. Social skills are only noticeably affected when there is an excess of amount of texting and online messaging being done. Social skills start to decrease when there is a lack of face to face where people can’t learn the proper ways to interact and communicate with one another. There are many different publications that highlight what life is like now because of technology. Three different articles highlight how we are now because of technology and how life will be like after this new epidemic.
Emily Yoffe’s article “Seeking” looks at how we look at technology today “While we tap, tap away at our search engines, it appears we are stimulating the same system in our brains that scientists accidentally discovered more than 50 years ago when probing rat skulls” (Yoffe 1). Years and years of research on rats has revealed how our brains work when the use of technology is active. This research was only used to test rats but now after many years it has become more relevant how this on test on an animal can now relate to us humans. “Panksepp has spent decades mapping the emotional systems of the brain he believes are shared by all mammals,…

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