Essay on The Effects of E-Readers on Publishers

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E-book is an electronic version of a physical book that contains the exact contents it would a regular book. In order to read an e-book, users have to own an e-reader or a tablet. E-reader is a device that allows user to read electronic books. Tablet does the same, with additional functions of entertainment. With an e-reader or a tablet, users have access to thousands of books online and they can also be downloaded to the device so that users can read a book anytime, anywhere. When you can access to thousands of books with a tablet, the purchase of a physical book is unlikely. The adoption of such devices started rather slowly, however, the numbers of e-reader/tablet owner has been rapidly growing over the years. With the growing market of …show more content…
While publishers and bookstore suffer from such trend, music stores, hobby shops, and sporting goods stores are greatly affected as well.
On the article “The Real Impact of E-Book Sales” (2011), one out of five e-book publishers derives more than 10% of company revenues from e-books sales. Since two out of three publishers have not converted majority of their legacy titles to electronic versions, there are not able to keep up to the competition. It is obvious to the public that the war of e-readers and tablets has begun, such trend will attract more consumers overtime, and eventually, more e-books are consumed and physical books are left behind. Holt (2011) argues that the discussion about end of libraries, paper publishing and book selling is absurd, because different people prefer different ways to obtain reading materials.
While I agree with Holt, however, the e-reader and tablet market is defiantly here to stay and would create a permanent affect on the original paper publishing market, as well as our lifestyle for generations. As stated, studies have found a negative relationship between the sales of e-readers and paper books. The purpose of this present study is to determine the effect of e-readers have on publishers. I hypothesize that the rise of e-reader market has a negative effect on bookstores and publishers.

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