The Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Consumption Essay

1784 Words Dec 18th, 2015 8 Pages
Living in a small town, with a population little over 2,500, life on the weekends can get very monotonous. Some kids resort to playing sports and staying active, while others choose to curl up in their favorite blanket with an action packed film. Others, who do not do either of those things, may happen to choose a more wild and illicit behavior. What students and peers choose to do on the weekend is their business; not anyone else’s. It is, however, the schools and athletic department’s business if a student chooses to use illegal substances over the weekend. Some students and student athletes participate in illegal activities over the weekend. An even larger number participated in it during the summer. The number of minors who used and/or consumed illegal substances is alarming; it causes addictions, diseases, and critical long and short term effects to the human body, Drug and alcohol consumption are equally as popular as it was with the Baby Boomer generation. The war on drugs and alcohol has been persisting for decades. Why do some teens continue to use illegal substances, without considering the severe and possibly life altering consequences? The answer is easy access and neglection to the consequences. Teens should be aware of the different kinds of drugs, and also the effects they have on the human body. One popular substance teenagers consume nowadays is alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. According to the article “Alcohol’s Effects on the Body,” drinking can have a…

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