The Effects Of Drinking Age On Underage Drinking Essay

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Engaging in social drinking occurs for various reasons including peer pressure, celebratory ceremonies, boredom, and sadness. However, America as a nation has seen an increased number of teenagers pursing underage drinking. Currently in our country, the legal age to indulge in alcoholic activities is twenty-one. Yet, there are kids 15 and 16 years old drinking illegally. The drinking age argument has been a heated topic for the past couple of years and the main question asked is if the drinking age is appropriate. From my perspective I believe it should stay the same and throughout this paper I will entail how this can create far more positive effects than negative.
Whether you want to believe it or not many teenagers participate in underage drinking because of the thrill of it. I believe the individuals knowing that they’re doing it illegally only urges them to do it even more so than if they were the appropriate age. Research shows that 87% of all high schooler across the country engage in underage drinking. This is a very large percentage and supports the claim that underage drinking has increased amongst our population. The gut feeling of breaking the law and being a rebel has many teenagers turning to booze quicker than ever before and it’s evident because during those years of your life you begin living contrary to your guardian’s beliefs or upbringing. With all of the opportunities to possess alcohol nowadays, you don’t even need to be of age to consume it.
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